Knowledge and experience to identify, reach, engage and convert your audience

Our extensive technical expertise with strong business focused leadership delivers marketing strategies to help companies grow their brands and their business. With a proven track record of generating leads and sales through search and paid marketing strategies, email campaigns, social media, marketing automation processes and internal system implementations, we provide an “always-on” service at the fraction of the price of the big agencies and the big brands.

Our Mission

As a team, QZM has always embraced the method of data and analytics as the core of any strategy inception. As many marketers recognise, the gathering and analysis of the data is always a troublesome process which involves a lot of groundwork and is usually very costly in human as well as budget resources.

Our mission of unifying and connecting an organisation’s marketing data in one centralised place was borne after years of using various disparate platforms to gather clients’ data (as well as our own). Accessing data from different sources can be detrimental to marketing teams as it requires significant effort to access, update, share and analyse the data – usually resulting in out of date metrics and a never-ending process of spreadsheet management and report generation.

Our Promise

Our reports provide organisations with insights seeking immediate value from their data. We help find your people, their needs, and their wants, all by making sense of your data and that of your market, such as competitor analysis.

No matter what marketing department setup, QZM can provide additional value by delivering carefully-honed marketing strategies, detailed market research, complete customer profiling, thoughtful website design & development, SEO, paid search campaigns, social media management, advertising data analysis and more.

We can help with a single one-off task, to much larger projects

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