Search Engine Marketing

Penalty Removal

aka Toxic Link Removal

Backlinks to your website are an important part of determining your Google ranking. The more high-quality backlinks from respectable sources your business can achieve the more its rating is boosted.

Unfortunately, of course, the reverse is also true, and toxic backlinks to your site from spammers, fraudsters, or other undesirable locations can really set you back. Our Google penalty removal service is an integral part of our offer and is specifically designed to protect your toxic associations.

We handle the process of constantly auditing your backlinks and addressing any problems immediately. We can get webmasters to remove links that are damaging to your search ranking scores and we will also work directly with Google should escalation of a problem be required.

Undetected, toxic backlinks can cause a drastic drop in your search engine rankings. Our Google penalty removal service stops and removes those links before they damage your brand.