Marketing Analytics

Unified marketing analytics for a single view of metrics

Integrating data from an array of connections, QZM Connect unifies marketing metrics in to a single pain of view, to quickly and easily see performance across all attribution touch-points.

Marketing Analytics

Centralise Disparate
Data Sources


Attribution Metrics


Track ROI
& KPI Metrics


Eliminate Manual
Data Processing

Unified Marketing Data

Connect your marketing channels for a single view of metrics
Making sure the marketing data reflects your customer journey across all touch-points is crucial to understanding what is working and what needs further optimisation and/or investment. To achieve this, data cannot be left in silos and requires amalgamation with other metrics to garner a single pain of view across all data-points.

Connect to 100+ Data Sources
Wherever data is stored, our marketing analytics platform will connect to it for in-depth reporting and analysis.

Reports & Dashboards

Data doesn’t stay in one place, so why should the reports!
We have built dashboards that connect multiple channels and data sources, therefore providing insights across many different metrics that would otherwise be disconnected and siloed from one another. This provides a powerful approach to gaining meaningful and actionable data; you can finally see how the campaigns are performing.

Blend data from multiple sources
Our marketing analytics platform allows us to blend & merge data from different sources to create cross-functional reports and dashboards, to view your business health across departments.


Data Analysis

Discover hidden insights and make better decisions based on facts
QZM Analytics provides Augmented Analytical capabilities using technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) in various scenarios. Our powerful analytics platform can provide insights that would not usually be immediately discoverable, allowing data to be used for next-best-actions and resource allocation.

Auto analysis of data for quicker insights
The auto-analysis capability of QZM Analytics cuts down the time that you spend in creating reports and dashboards, thereby helping you move ahead into the analysis space much faster and to get insights. QZM Analytics enables you to analyse your data with advanced analytical options, easily predicting future values or identifying past & future trends in your data without worrying about the underlying complexity.

Trend Lines
Trend Lines are used to identify the trends present in your data. QZM Analytics can plot the past & future trends in your time series or number series data.


Smart Forecasting

Be prepared for any future events with the help of smart forecasting
QZM Analytics will predict future trends accurately based on past data, presenting you with accurate projections. Forecasting in QZM Analytics is based on powerful forecasting algorithms which analyse your past data deeply and come up with the best forecast for the future.

Forecast trends based on past data
Predict future trends based on deep analysis of past data and be prepared for any future events with accurate projections.


Build Key Metrics

With an extensive library of mathematical and statistical functions to extract the required business metrics from your data, QZM Analytics enables you to derive business-specific metrics/insights from complex data and helps you visualise them as useful reports.


Monitor your marketing performance with our analytics platform and eliminate manual data processing