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Zendesk Installation & Management

Improve your management of customer interactions with online support portal

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has become a vital support tool for business of all sizes. Keeping and growing the customers you have already acquired is every bit as important as attracting new ones.

In addition, many companies have now turned to tools like the online support portal Zendesk provides to better manage interactions with their customers. Zendesk creates an online self-service portal where customers can get in touch, troubleshoot their problems or get online support if appropriate.

Our Zendesk Management team of experts can help you improve the way you are using Zendesk, or install and set-up the portal for you from scratch.

We also ensure that Zendesk is fully integrated with Salesforce or any other CRM software that you are using so the systems exchange information to ensure you always know the status of your customers and that they always get the best possible user experience.