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QZM works both with small, aspiring businesses and large global brands.

We make it our priority to know all there is to know about our clients' product, the industries they serve and the market conditions. That's why we already have great expertise in several sectors. Our excellent client relationships have helped us gain a wealth of in-depth market knowledge.

The sectors we cover include:


The pace of change in technology markets is incredibly fast – from the growth of mobile and cloud-based solutions, to the digital business transformation challenges facing organisations, and the increasing cyber-security threat to business. We work hard to keep ahead of the curve and provide our clients working across the technology sector with insight, information and inspiration.


For many years, we have been helping clients in the education industry promote their solutions to all levels of the market – from primary and secondary schools, through to specialist colleges and university. It's a unique market that requires us to monitor the social and political landscape and help our clients stand out from the crowd through an informed, considered approach that demonstrates market understanding and knowledge.


We understand what a successful and practical ecommerce solution delivers for a business. The range of companies looking to transform their business using e-commerce – for customer transactions, partner contracts or even within the organisation itself – is growing every day. We make sure that we deliver our client's e-commerce transformation messages and the advantages they provide to partners and end-users.


We've a strong track record helping clients sell their technical solutions to the healthcare industry. We appreciate the unique sensitivities within the healthcare industry, and its need for exceptionally strong data security within solutions that inform patient care and don't slow down response times.


We have many services that can benefit all types of golf business, whether it be a golf coach looking to expand their marketing reach to promote their services, or a golf club seeking new ways to grow their membership. Whatever the golf business, we can help you grow your audience and attract more people to your business and to your website.