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We provide additional services to ensure core marketing activities are supported.

Hosting & Security

Strong website security is integral to our design and build process so that, from Day One your data, your customers, and their data, is backed-up and fully protected from attack. We augment our services by undertaking regular penetration testing checks across web server and applications for any potential vulnerabilities.

QZM provides a fast & secure hosting service providing 99.9% uptime for websites with built-in backup and failover capabilities. We conduct regular penetration testing for websites and web servers to ensure there are no vulnerabilities and mitigate any threat vectors that may compromise your site.

Our secure WordPress hosting services are designed to your specific needs and include:

  • Fast & Secure Apache Servers with 99.9% uptime
  • Assurance SSL Certificates
  • A+ SSL Web Server Tests
  • DDoS Protection
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Threat Protection
  • Daily backups

Penetration Testing

Our website scan checks for common vulnerabilities which affect web applications: SQL Injection, XSS, OS Command Injection, Directory Traversal and others. The scanner also identifies specific web server configuration issues.

  • Fingerprint web server software
  • Analyze HTTP headers for security misconfiguration
  • Check the security of HTTP cookies
  • Check the SSL certificate of the server
  • Check if the server software is affected by known vulnerabilities
  • Analyse robots.txt for interesting URLs
  • Check whether a client access file exists, and if it contains a wildcard entry (clientaccesspolicy.xml, crossdomain.xml)
  • Discover server configuration problems such as Directory Listing

Our WordPress scan helps discover security issues and vulnerabilities in the target WordPress website by performing multiple tests using a database of WordPress vulnerabilities which is maintained and updated periodically. Typical tests include:

  • Fingerprint the installed WordPress version
  • Show the vulnerabilities for the running WordPress version
  • Enumerate the installed plugins and their versions
  • Show the vulnerabilities for the identified plugins
  • Enumerate the installed themes and their versions
  • Show the vulnerabilities for the identified themes
  • Enumerate the WordPress users

WordPress hacks can be prevented by periodically scanning the WordPress installation using our WordPress Vulnerability scanner and identifying vulnerable components. Once identified, these must be updated to ensure the WordPress installation is secure and free from vulnerabilities.

Plugin Development

Over the years, the development team at QZM have created a number of applications that integrate with existing systems, providing a more robust set of features not always available as part of a standard out-of-the-box deployment. Working with each client to tailor these products ensures they always meet the exact requirements of the organisation.

Below is a selection of products we can provide:

  • Salesforce Plugins
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Data Compliance Tools
  • Subscription Management
  • Translation Tools

Google Services

  • Google Analytics Configuration
  • Google Tag Management
  • Google Penalty Removal
  • Google My Business (Local SEO)

Monitor your marketing performance with our analytics platform and eliminate manual data processing