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Great marketing, and in particular great digital marketing, starts with understanding your customers and their needs.

Our customers at QZM tend not to be major global brands such as IBM, Samsung, House of Fraser, or Barclays Bank. But our customers often compete for attention – and business – against some giant brands.

And it's not a fair fight. The big brands have big bucks and they throw them at major advertising, marketing and social media programs to try to dominate the market.

But our customers have something that the big firms don't have – they have flexibility, market agility, and burning ambition. They can move fast and what's more, they have a great product.

So, guess what – we could be talking about ourselves as well.

We're not a Madison Avenue, Covent Garden, or Silicon Valley high cost, high staff turnover, agency. We're a team of experts who have a great range of skills in-house, and access to a support network of specialists that can help your marketing spend go further than you ever imagined.

Founded by Qamile Zejnullahi in 2014, we bring many years of in-house and agency experience to our clients and to the team. They are 100 per cent committed to your success – because our success depends on it as well.

QZ Marketing can provide you a full-service marketing department, delivering an “always-on” service of digital and physical marketing tools, techniques, and services.

All at the fraction of the price of the big agencies and the big brands. The journey starts with a phone call or an email.

Contact us now to see how we can help.